Wichita, Kansas

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"A beautifully crafted mini-movie"

“We could not be more pleased with our collaborations with Wynn Ponder. His professionalism, care, creativity, passion and insight are inspiring. The crew is outstanding and easy to work with. And the final product is a beautifully crafted mini-movie that not only achieves the desired results for the client (American AgCredit), it always stands alone as a compelling and moving story of an American farm family.” 

Christine Martin

Owner, Firefly Creative Company

Healdsburg, CA

"Highly recommended"

"It was a pleasure working with Wynn and Ponder:Connect on a joint effort developing an online pilot training course with our client. His ability to use video to tell the right story made our client’s vision a reality. He consistently delivered excellent audio and video quality resulting in a course that has received outstanding reviews. Wynn is responsive, professional and eager to please. Ponder:Connect Marketing is highly recommended."

Tom Allen
CEO, Opango, Inc.
Dallas, TX 

"A million dollar a year success"

"I had the good fortune to enlist Wynn Ponder and  Ponder:Connect when we were creating, then operating the Kansas Career Pipeline (KCP). The KCP is a statewide system of career development, used by the Kansas State Board of Education, Kansas Department of Commerce Workforce Development, Kansas Board of Regents, and Kansas  Department of Prisons.

"Wynn developed the electronic marketing campaign for the KCP, then produced a series of top quality web based video vignettes showing the exciting work opportunities in careers such as aviation and  composite medical products.

"Wynn  has a master's touch at video production and marketed our company into a million dollar a year success.  I would recommend Ponder:Connect to anyone interested in quality marketing and video production."

Andy Solter,
President, Kansas Career Pipeline
Wichita, KS

"Expert development skills"

“Ponder:Connect has added significant value to our business web site with their expert development skills in modernizing and bringing out our message.  Thank ou.”  

Dan Gates CEO

American Water Purification, Inc.

Wichita, KS